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Organogram of BRC Turbat

Administrative Setup
Although Balochistan Residential College Turbat is part of education department government, but because of their particular nature, the administrative setup of this institution is as under:-

I. Board of Governors:- [Subject to change as per Govt. policy]
it is policy making body of the institution. All the rules and regulations of the institution are farmed by the Board of governors. It comprises of the following members.

1.             Minister for Education Government of Balochistan.                  Chairman
2.             Chief Secretary Government of Balochistan.                              Vice. Chairman
3.             Additional Chief Secretary [Development].                                  Member
4.             Secretary Education (Higher) Government of Balochistan      Member
5.             Add. Secretary (Dev) Higher Education.                                       Member / Secretary
6.             Secretary S and GAD.                                                                      Member
7.             Secretary Law Department.                                                            Member
8.             Secretary Finance Government of Balochistan.                         Member
9.              Director Education.                                                                          Member
10.           Principal, BRC Turbat / Loralai / Khuzdar                                    Member

II.  Executive Committee:-  [Subject to change as per Govt. policy]

1.              The Commissioner Mekran Division                                           Chairman
2.              The Deputy Commissioner Kech                                                 Member
3.              The Divisional Director Education, Mekran Division                 Member
4.              The Principal, BRC Turbat                                                             Member / Secretary

III.  Selection Committee:-  [Subject to change as per Govt. policy]
This Committee has been formed by Board of Governors. The main purpose of Selection Committee is the recruitment of the officers of grade 17-18 for the institution. It consists of the following members;

1.                Secretary Education (Higher) Government of Balochistan     Chairman
2.                 Director Education.                                                                        Member
3.                 Add. Secretary (Dev) Higher Education.                                    Member
4.                 Principal, BRC Turbat / Loralai / Khuzdar                                  Member