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Admission Policy

Admission policy has been approved by Board of Governors.
Admissions are offered in 7th class. Date of submission of admission forms and schedule of entry tests are advertised in national and provincial newspapers. written test, viva voce and midical examination are compulsory for admission. Admission form can be obtained from authorized branches of ABL on payment of Rs.1000/- in favor of the Principal Balochistan Residential College Turbat. Schedule of Entry test and Viva voce will be widely advertised and published.

Entry Test will be based on 6th class syllabus of Balochistan Text Book Board Quetta.

Age limit for admission in class 7th i 11-13 years.

               In case of vacant seats admission is offered on self-finance scheme in class 7th and 11th. Separate advertisement will be given in national and provincial newspapers for admissions.

Procedure for Admission against the Vacant Seats in XI on Self-Finance Basis.

              The following policy shall be followed for admission against the vacant seats.
               A.        Admission shall be allowed on merit basis to all the candidates irrespective of their place of Local/Domicile.
               B.        Only the students of English medium schools and colleges securing 50% or above marks in the previous examination shall be eligible to apply.
               C.        Maximum age limit is 17 years for admission in class XI.
               D.        Students expelled from any institution on the basis of mis-conduct or misbehaviour shall not be eligible for admission.
               E.         Those having more than one year gap after passing matriculation examination shall bot be eligible to apply for admission in class XI.
               F.          Merit lists for admission in class XI is prepared on the basis of Viva voce and written test.

Allocation of Seats

1.        Provincial Merit                    04
2.        Divisional Merit                    06
3.        District Wise Quota             54
4.        Employee Quota                 06
5.        Minorities                              02
6.        Self Finance                         08
            Total                                      80