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Balochistan Residential College Turba

Balochistan Residential College Turbat was established on 1st February 1994. The main purpose of the establishment of this institution was to provide quality education to the people of this remote and far-flung area. The students of this institution remain within the campus for twenty four hours. They are trained for leading the country to zenith of development in the international community.

Kech Mekran is a velley with glorious past and prosperous future. Its history goes back in the times of Cyrus and Alexander the great. Uranian Silicates and Saranians have all been here. Arabs came here during the reign of Hazrat Umar the second caliph of islam. With the arrival of Muhammad Bin Qasim in Sindh, this region became part of Sindh. It was Punnu, the Prince of Kech and Sassi made the folk-tale of love and sacrifice. People of this area are known for their regard for learning, peotry and folk-art.

Turbat is one of the most populous town of Balochistan after the provincial capital Quetta, is by road two hours away from Iranian border and three hours from Gwadar and the Arabian sea. It is almost one thousand kilometers from Quetta and six hundred and fifty kilometers from Karachi.

Placed at an elevation of 400 ft above sea level, its climate is extremely hot and dry in summer but very pleasant in winter. Spread over an area of 26,253 sq. km. the population of district Kech was about four lac in 1981. Over one lac people live in Turbat town who are enlightened, progressive and peotic. The area distinguishes itself from the rest of the province for its absence of tribal system. Keeping in view is strategic importance, it is hoped that this belt will make a lot of progress in near future. 

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